To ensure that small children are well protected on a bicycle, Britax Römer has developed a large surface spoke protector for the Britax Römer Jockey bicycle seat. The seat was improved to meet the latest European Standard DIN EN 14344 for the TÜV/GS Test. The spoke protector, which is fitted directly onto the bicycle seat, prevents the child's legs getting caught in the wheel spokes and therefore reduces the risk of injury. The backrest adjusts from the sitting to the resting position with one pull, so that the child can lean back and enjoy the ride. Multi-adjustable footrests and height-adjustable harness system with padded shoulder straps can be customized to children size. The sturdy spring steel bracket absorbs bumps during riding and ensures high riding comfort. The two-colour reversible seat cover ensures colour variation. It can be removed for washing. If the child bike seat is not used it can easily be removed by a quick-release fastener. The bracket is fixed on the bike frame. So it takes no time to get your child bike seat ready for action. The Britax Römer Jockey Relax is suitable for bicycles of the size 26 inch and 28 inches with a seat tube diameter of 28 to 40mm and a luggage carrier width of up to 150mm. The seat tube has to be round. Aluminium or carbon bike frames have to be approved for child bike seat installation by the manufacturer. Note: The Britax Römer Jockey Relax is designed for children at the age of 9 months up to 4 years. Use this seat only, if your child is able for unassisted sit. 

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